Panel & Gates

We import all products from China. We have a very good raport with our suppliers and enforce the importance of good quality products.

Sheep Panels: 1m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m                         
Cattle Panels: 1.2m, 2.1m, 2.4m & 3.3m                
Horse Panels: 2.1m

Sheep Panels: Uprights 2mm, rails 1.5mm       
Cattle Panels: Uprights 2mm rails 1.6mm           
Horse Panels: Uprights 2mm rails 1.6mm

All panels and gates have a bracket and pin fixing mechanism, very simple, effective and fast

Yes, you receive enough pins to assemble purchased items

Option 1 – We carry fixing posts that are concreted into the ground, panels are then fixed to posts.

Option 2 – holes in the feet for ground pinning.

Option 3 – Bolt onto concrete footings.

Option 4 – Our yards will freestand and do not need to be fixed to the ground.

Yes they are optional extras

They can be made permanent, semi-permanent or portable depending on the customers requirements

There is enough allowance in the bracket and pin fixing mechanism that allows for our products to follow slight undulations on the ground

Not a necessity, we recommend that certain items we supply would function better on a concrete pad

A firm surface is recommended with good drainage.

Cattle Crush

Approximately 4hrs

Yes we can supply a reverse operation crush

Only our Premium Parrallel Squeeze Crush comes with a chinlock

All of our crushes have rear Vet Access Gates as standard issue.

If a customer requires a crush to be assembled it is an optional extra

Brackets fitted to the base of the crush allows for bolting on to concrete footings or concrete pad

Recommended but not a necessity

Usually preceeding the Crush in the raceway but they can fit inside our Vet/Hobby Crush and our Premium Crush

Loading Race/Ramp

500mm at its lowest and 1200mm at its highest point

General Questions

Uprights 200 – 300gsm     Oval Rails 120gsm

Most items can be supplied in approximately 48hrs. We carry a very large amount of stock at any one time.